SiteGround vs GreenGeeks Comparison- Which one is the best?

Do you know the right type of hosting service for your website needs? If you haven’t, it’s a good idea to know that there are two types of web hosting services that are usually offered, namely SiteGround and GreenGeeks.

This article will help you to identify the advantages and disadvantages of each in order to determine the right type of hosting service. Keep reading this article to the end to get all the information.

About SiteGround and GreenGeeks

SiteGround is one of the best and most reputable managed hosting providers in the world, which is also one of the top four hosting providers for sure SiteGround was founded in 2004 and currently serves more than 1.8 million domains worldwide.

If you are looking for a web hosting that allows you to choose a data center when signing up then SiteGround is the answer. This service will give you different freedom to choose data centers that they spread across three continents, namely America, Europe and Asia.

While GreenGeeks is also one of the most reputable web hosting as a good hosting for our planet. It is a world-leading eco-site. Today, GreenGeeks has more than 150 customer countries worldwide and has a global workforce. This web hosting has a data center based in California.

Why is GreenGeeks said to be an environmentally friendly website? This is due to the fact that they recycle the energy they consume three times into the grid as renewable energy. Yes, this is a part of their efforts to save the planet from extremely harmful carbon emissions. In addition, GreenGeeks also provides very fast web hosting services with SSD and CloudFlare CDN storage.

Now, let’s see the comparison of the two from various angles!

Speed ​​and Uptime

You want to build a website and are looking for web hosting? Then one of the things you need to consider is the speed and uptime of the hosting.

But unfortunately doing this is not easy. Reading reviews from the internet or web reviews will not be enough. Because, almost all web hosting service providers will say that they will provide super high speed and uptime. The question is, are they telling the truth? How about SiteGround and GreenGeeks are they the same?

Well, of course you can’t trust 100% of their promises. The way to find out is to prove it. How to? Of course by signing up for the SiteGround and GreenGeeks hosting plans and creating 2 wordpress sites. We installed the identical WordPress theme, published content, and uploaded many images to ensure an accurate test. Following that, we tested the hosting speed and performance multiple times.

We do this using the Pingdom site. The data was then clear and accurate, with GreenGeeks loading in 637ms when tested from California. It was a very fantastic number. You will be very surprised by this result, as it is the highest of any site we have tested. Well, actually SiteGround doesn’t show too bad results as well. It successfully loaded the site in 649 ms.

Ease of use

Ease of use, well, this is one of the factors that you must meet before deciding to use a web hosting. Both SiteGround and GreenGeeks offer cPanel access to manage your web hosting account.

cPanel is a hosting control panel that is very commonly used by web hosting providers. It allows you to do various things in just one click, for example, wanting to install scripts from popular sites and so on.


Now, let’s have a look at the costs that these two web hosting companies have to offer. GreenGeek charges $2.95 per month, whereas SiteGround charges $3.95 per month. GreenGeek therefore offers you $1 less than SiteGround. 

You could believe that the larger price tag comes with more features and resources, but this isn’t the case. Both just enable you to host one website, while GreenGeek provides limitless storage capacity.

Support and documentation

24/7 support via live chat, email and phone is one of the advantages of GreenGeeks. As everyone knows that this hosting is giant. They have global employees in various shifts. You don’t have to worry about long waits, because their staff is ready to serve you. They have highly optimized customer support and they understand the art of service clearly.

GreenGeeks also provides very extensive documentation that can help you through every aspect of web development.

Well, actually SiteGround also has the same thing. However, GreenGeeks was able to solve any problem at an average speed of just 15-20 minutes for one case.

Based on the reviews above, it can be concluded that GreenGeeks is the best web hosting that can be your choice to build the best website.

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