Custom Content Shortcode plugin

I found this plugin when I try build some complex page archive for my client site. this plugin have really cool feature and really easy to use.. you can just call the shortcode.. this plugin can do anything for archive purpose:

  • Post Archive
  • Taxonomy Archive
  • Custom Post Archive
  • Custom Field
  • Attachment
  • Comment
  • and many more

This is example for show post archive:

[loop type=post count=5]
  [field title]
  [field date]
  [field excerpt]

This is example for post with some categories:

[loop type=apartment category=suite]
  Apartment: [field title]
  Rent per day: [field price]
  Description: [content]

taxonomy, term – display posts by taxonomy term:

[loop type=product taxonomy=product-type term=book]
  [field title]

even can list post from some parent:

[loop type=page parent=this include=children]
  [field title]

for pagination, people maybe confuse about this plugin

[loop type=article paged=5 query=default]


inside plugins setting, wp-admin/options-general.php?page=ccs_reference&tab=settings

#1 for example if your page called, then you need to insert archive-post
#2 the pagination slug, can be anything except “page” or “p” usually I use “pg”
#3 you must insert page_id=XXX, or pagename or name, is must same with #1 ID page or name

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